Sunday, September 11, 2011

heart ain't a brain

Top: black, sheer, chiffon shirt with a collar, Outside: White, vintage knitted jumper that belongs to my mother, Bottom: velvet shorts made by me, Bag: sportsgirl, Shoes (not shown): black suede loafer flats.

Today's weather was quite lovely. I went out to the shops today, a bit of retail therapy, it has been a long month since i've been. I didn't end up getting much today though. I bought some essentials for camp and black pants. I'm pretty tired right now, but i bought m&ms and other lollies and chips! Going shopping tomorrow, excited!

Today i decided to pull some quite casual off. A black sheer chiffon shirt with a collar in the inside and a vintage white knitted jumper on the outside which belongs to my mother. I decided to wear my velvet shorts that i made yesterday and they are EXTREMELY comfortable, i love them! If i made some and sold them for $10-$15 would anyone like the buy them? Or i'll make one and send one off to a lovely reader and they can review them for me? Please leave a comment! And for the shoes i wore black, suede loafer flats. To top my outfit off, i used my black suede, faux leather bag from sportsgirl which i love! 

Love Fashion Equals Moi, Anita.

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