Sunday, September 25, 2011

butterfly fly higher

Camp was beyond amazing. I had fun with my girls and the boys during the three days. I miss it though, and i wished we stayed up longer and "explored" more. But either way, it was amazing. I was so tired from camp that i slept for 14 hours and was still tired the next day. I attended school for two days, seeing the year 12's graduate. Good luck for the HSC and for your futures. It's amazing to see that it will be me next year. I hope they enjoyed their formal. Holidays are finally here which means more posts from me, which hopefully is a good thing for you blog readers. Yesterday i went out with a friend of mine, spending time with her because we needed to catch up. We had lunch together and watched Monte Carlo which was pretty good since i like those type of movies. Outfit post coming either tonight or tomorrow when i can be bothered because i am feeling extremely sleepy right now.

Love Fashion Equals Moi, Anita.

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