Monday, October 3, 2011

You're with me

 Outfit: Cropped, plain black top, Grey pants, Black blazer with a pattern on it

Saturday, October 1, 2011

the aquarium and city

On Tuesday, my girls and i decided to take a trip to the city and it was pretty late notice considering we planned it the night before. We didn't actually know what we were going to do, so we decided to just do whatever. We went to eat at Waterfront Grill, having too much to eat. We had their famous burgers, lemon lime and bitters and caesar salad which was delicious. We took a walk to the Sydney Aquarium, having a visit as we haven't since we were younger. Taking a stroll around Darling Habour actually realise how many things have changes since i was younger. Seeing the children play at the playground made me want to join them as well. We also has Starbucks, Iced Latte for me. It was a fun day with my girls and i hope to do something like this soon again.

Love Fashion Equals Moi, Anita