Sunday, December 25, 2011


Top: Sheer white chiffon top from Supre, Necklace: Colette, Bottoms: Chiffon black shorts, Shoes: from Wanted, black sandals

MERRY CHRISTMAS BLOGGERS AND BLOG READERS! I'm off to a family Christmas party!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recent purchases

Shop til you drop magazine, Russh magazine and dust melt candles that smell fabulous. 

*I have recently bought many other things such as clothing and storage boxes which i will post once i have time. Sorry for the lack of posts and I would like to say thanks for reading, especially Eimear!

Foundation review

This foundation is probably the best foundation i have tried. It stays on, and with the skin type i have, it doesn't become as oily as other foundations. This foundation also does not break my out. I recommend this to people who have oily skin and want their foundation to stay.

bend and snap

Top: Navy blue singlet with a lower back from Globalize, Bottom: Plain black pants, Bag: Sportsgirl bag

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New make-up pruchases

Revlon ColorStay Foundation, Revlon ColorStay Translucent Press Powder, EOS lipbalm Limited Edition in Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit.

I am finally back after a very long break. Sorry to my lovely blog readers for the delay in posts. I have been busy with school, officially starting year 12. First year 12 assessments are coming up as well. Here is a post of  my latest make-up purchases all bought within this week. I will put up a review on these products soon and also my make-up routine in detail.

Foundation and press powder bought from Chemist Warehouse, lipbalm from,

Love Fashion Equals Moi, Anita

Monday, October 3, 2011

You're with me

 Outfit: Cropped, plain black top, Grey pants, Black blazer with a pattern on it

Saturday, October 1, 2011

the aquarium and city

On Tuesday, my girls and i decided to take a trip to the city and it was pretty late notice considering we planned it the night before. We didn't actually know what we were going to do, so we decided to just do whatever. We went to eat at Waterfront Grill, having too much to eat. We had their famous burgers, lemon lime and bitters and caesar salad which was delicious. We took a walk to the Sydney Aquarium, having a visit as we haven't since we were younger. Taking a stroll around Darling Habour actually realise how many things have changes since i was younger. Seeing the children play at the playground made me want to join them as well. We also has Starbucks, Iced Latte for me. It was a fun day with my girls and i hope to do something like this soon again.

Love Fashion Equals Moi, Anita

Sunday, September 25, 2011

butterfly fly higher

Camp was beyond amazing. I had fun with my girls and the boys during the three days. I miss it though, and i wished we stayed up longer and "explored" more. But either way, it was amazing. I was so tired from camp that i slept for 14 hours and was still tired the next day. I attended school for two days, seeing the year 12's graduate. Good luck for the HSC and for your futures. It's amazing to see that it will be me next year. I hope they enjoyed their formal. Holidays are finally here which means more posts from me, which hopefully is a good thing for you blog readers. Yesterday i went out with a friend of mine, spending time with her because we needed to catch up. We had lunch together and watched Monte Carlo which was pretty good since i like those type of movies. Outfit post coming either tonight or tomorrow when i can be bothered because i am feeling extremely sleepy right now.

Love Fashion Equals Moi, Anita.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

boy or girl

Jumpsuit from Intoxic, Thong like shoes

It was 31 degrees today, amazing spring weather! I got the opportunity to spend a little time outside even though i had to go to tutor for one and a half hours. Hoping to go do some shopping tomorrow before camp. Contemplating on whether i should be packing now or tomorrow. I'm feeling a tad lazy right now because i do not know what to bring. I am the type of girl to bring her whole wardrobe because she can't decide what to wear. But my suitcase is small so i can't actually bring a lot which is killing me. I will be gone for three days. Hoping to have heaps of fun with my girls!

Monday, September 12, 2011

oh lola by marc jacobs

Today i was at Myers and i went to the perfume section. And i gotta say that i am IN LOVE with the new oh lola by marc jacobs. The next time you are at a perfume store, make sure to check it out! I am saving for it now! It just came out on Saturday.

pretty pretty

Top: Just Jeans Chambray top, Bottom: Black scalloped shorts, Jewellery: vintage watch that belongs to my mother, Shoes: black, suede boots from shoe box, Bag: Black vintage bag.

The fantastic spring weather whilst shopping at parramatta westfields felt amazing! I had a day off school today and i am back to school tomorrow. I bought a maroon, browny cream chiffon top, a suede like browny cream top, a cream pleated top, a white top, a plain black oversized top, a dusty orange oversized top and shoes for camp. Most of my purchases are for camp though! Can't wait for tomorrow to go food shopping for camp!

Love Fashion Equals Moi, Anita

Sunday, September 11, 2011

heart ain't a brain

Top: black, sheer, chiffon shirt with a collar, Outside: White, vintage knitted jumper that belongs to my mother, Bottom: velvet shorts made by me, Bag: sportsgirl, Shoes (not shown): black suede loafer flats.

Today's weather was quite lovely. I went out to the shops today, a bit of retail therapy, it has been a long month since i've been. I didn't end up getting much today though. I bought some essentials for camp and black pants. I'm pretty tired right now, but i bought m&ms and other lollies and chips! Going shopping tomorrow, excited!

Today i decided to pull some quite casual off. A black sheer chiffon shirt with a collar in the inside and a vintage white knitted jumper on the outside which belongs to my mother. I decided to wear my velvet shorts that i made yesterday and they are EXTREMELY comfortable, i love them! If i made some and sold them for $10-$15 would anyone like the buy them? Or i'll make one and send one off to a lovely reader and they can review them for me? Please leave a comment! And for the shoes i wore black, suede loafer flats. To top my outfit off, i used my black suede, faux leather bag from sportsgirl which i love! 

Love Fashion Equals Moi, Anita.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

new york fashion week started!

Spending my Saturday at home relaxing, after all i have no more exams right? I made these black velvet shorts today, from scratch! Which means that i made my own pattern piece, cut it out, sewed it etc. It was pretty fun! Can't wait to actually wear it out. I am currently watching Sonny with the Chance because i am bored. Whilst drinking green tea and eating those balls things my mother got me. I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. Can't actually wait to go shopping tomorrow with my beloved parents and on monday with my best friend!

And, NEW YORK FASHION WEEK HAS STARTED, wished i was there!

Love Fashion Equals Moi, Anita.

Friday, September 9, 2011

my inspiration

Inspiration over the past few weeks. Enjoy lovelys

Love Fashion Equals Me, Anita