Friday, June 24, 2011

baby, i just don't get it

I have been quite busy this week. Finally a friday, which means a bit of a break from school. I just had an exam today, pretty much failed, it was hard and what i studied wasn't actually in the exam which is pretty much a piss off. I have so many things to do this weekend, but i only have a week until holidays, which i'm dying for.

I have been walking to school for the past three days. It isn't actually quite fun walking to school in the freezing cold, you can even see the fog. Whist walking to school, i got hot chocolate and two macaroons (white chocolate and chocolate). Mouth watering!

I've made a few purchases during the week, which includes shoes, accessories and magazines which i will post pictures of tomorrow, if i have time, but i will probably make some time.

Busy weekend ahead of me, i have my english essay, 2 math assessments for next week to study for and my business plan thing or something. I will try post as much as possible. I'm hoping to actually do a bit of shopping this weekend. I want to buy some cute/ nice socks that are knee high or a bit shorter, we'll see if i have time.

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